By James and Benjie

Bottoms Up!

"Turning fabulous memories into forever art works."

Bespoke handmade artwork

Each art work is bespoke, tailor made for our customers.

Made with real bottle labels

After a celebration, anniversary, or special event, cutomers can send us bottle labels to create unique art works.Alternatively, choose from one of our premade art works.

Designed for you

Each art work features black brush work, acrylic colours, and lettering on handmade mulberry paper.Let us know whether you want something bold, bright, playful, or sophisticated.

By James and Benjie

Bottom's Up

"We started making work for our friends, then for friends of friends. It was clear that people wanted a way to preserve their special memories. We decided to make the service available for everyone, and Bottoms Up! was born."

Textured, handmade paper

Each art work is painted on beautiful, textured, handmade paper, made from the bark of the muberry tree.

How to order

1) Send us an email.
2) Let us know what kind of work you would like. There are more examples in the gallery at the bottom of the page.
3) Choose a premade artwork with a label, a premade without, or request an art work made from scratch.
4) Send us your label!
5) Await your new, sparkly art work.

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